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Thursday, August 23 2007

Wanna build a template?

By Joe on Thursday, August 23 2007, 15:35

Here it is, the hottly anticipated guide to building design templates for SiteMaker. If you want to build us some templates to be used by hundreds of new people everyday, and get paid for it, then read on.

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Wednesday, August 15 2007

Templates, templates, templates

By Joe on Wednesday, August 15 2007, 10:22

Fancy building some templates?

Howdy. Our design team have been working on a few new design templates to spruce things up a bit for the end of the summer (what summer?). And while we were doing it, we thought a bit about how we could open up template creation to you the customers, so that you can contribute to the media set available within SiteMaker. Sound interesting?

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