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Entries feed – Comments feed Wednesday, November 25 2009

3 Jobs @ Moonfruit – Flash/Flex + Javascript/HTML + Sys Admin

By Joe on Wednesday, November 25 2009, 15:49

Hurray, jobs at moonfruit!! We’re running to keep pace with you wonderful customers, so we’re keen to boost the size of team moonfruit to help us kick off 2010 with a super new power team. Are you a Flex superhero? Can you write Javascript while tied up upside-down? Can you keep servers running during an alien attack? If the answer to any of these is yes, you could be kind of person we’re looking for.

We’re moving into a cool new office in Jan. It’s spacious, floor to ceiling windows nr Oxford Circus and Soho. We need folks to fill the space (and up our DJ Hero scores)!

And if you know anyone for whom any of the answers to these might be yes, tell them too. We’re known to reward people from time to time with shiny new mac products…

Full details below. Continue reading… one comment Friday, November 6 2009

#flymeto Creative website competition Winner and Top 10

By Joe on Friday, November 6 2009, 17:47

Oooo this was a toughy. There was a flurry of entries on Friday from people who’ve clearly spent some time working on their #flymeto websites for the chance to win the last set of tickets to their dream destination. It’s been a pretty tough decision going through them all and working out who the winner is. In fact too tough. So we’ve decided to give prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places…

Winner!! – 1st prize of a $3500 holiday to Tokyo Japan from the UK!!
@SimonCwaller: Hi chaps, here is my entry for the #flymeto competition. I hope you enjoy it!

1st runner up – 2nd prize that we made up because it was too hard to pick. These guys will get $2000 towards their trip, which will hopefully nearly get them there 😉
@netscribe – @moontweet #flymeto where the cherry blossoms bloom.

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Thursday, October 15 2009

Our partnership with MOO and free MOO card giveaway!

By Wendy on Thursday, October 15 2009, 17:53

We’ve partnered with MOO, who love to print! You can use your own images, logos and content to customise your own business cards and personal products. Much like Moonfruit, MOO provides easy to use edit tools to customise your business cards and they also love good design.

We came across MOO when we needed to print our own business cards and we loved them so much we thought your might like to use them too for your projects and business ventures. We know many of you have fabulous images, designs and logos which you already use for your Moonfruit sites. MOO also think their customers might like to build Moonfruit sites to promote their projects, businesses and communities.

So to kick off the partnership we’ve been promoting some unique offers to our customers.

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Friday, July 17 2009

Creative Moonfruit Website Award and Thankyou to Twitter, Twitterers and Moonfruiters

By Wendy on Friday, July 17 2009, 16:40

Following on from the incredible range of creative and humorous responses you sent in, we decided to give out one last prize, an 11th macbook pro for the most creative Moonfruit website. Again the diversity and calibre of the websites produced have been impressive.

Thank you to all Twitterers and Moonfruiters old and new for engaging in this campaign with such enthusiasm, creativity and large injections of humour! We’ll continue to chat to you about our new product innovations, things you’re up to and interesting design stuff. We’d also like to continue doing a variety of creative projects with you in areas you are passionate about. We have some ideas brewing but if you have any suggestions they would be very welcome!

We’d also like give one big thankyou to Twitter itself. Without their boundary breaking, communication platform, this would not have been possible.

As explained in our previous blog “We’ll pick the site that is most true to its stated objective and inspires us as a great example of what a website can do. Build it about something you’re passionate about and are interested in.”

People put a lot of effort and thought into their sites and to be fair to everyone we thought we should explain the process we’ve been through to choose the winner(s).

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Tuesday, July 7 2009

Final creative prize for a Macbook Pro

By Joe on Tuesday, July 7 2009, 14:46

  • Competition
  • Moonfruit
  • Twitter
  • Website builder

Thank you all for making this competition so special. The creative entries have really blown us away and we’ll be continuing to pick through them all, post up the best and create a gallery to pay our respects for all those who have entered. (And maybe a few discretionary prizes too ending Friday 10th July 3pm BST).

But we thought we’d end this crazy Twitter promotion with one more Macbook Pro prize. And this will go to the creator of the best website on Anyone can enter from new or old customers, friends or foes, and you certainly don’t have to enter if you don’t want to ;-).

The website contest will run until 17th July (next Friday 3pm BST) at which point we’ll pick and announce the winner.

Judging a website is going to be tricky, so when you enter your website we want you to tell us why it’s special or innovative and why you think it should win. All entries should be as comments on this blog and we’ll pick the winner from there. We’ll pick the site that is most true to its stated objective and inspires us as a great example of what a website can do. Build it about something you’re passionate about and are interested in.

Thanks again for all your support and may the Fruit be with you. Always.


  1. Create a website on
  2. Post it on this blog with your reasons for why it should be picked
  3. One website entry per person (and one post please!)
  4. Winner will be posted to this blog on 17th July at 3pm BST (GMT+1)
  5. Good luck!


Friday, February 13 2009

What a nice thing to say

By Joe on Friday, February 13 2009, 14:04

  • Moonfruit
  • Site building
  • Website builder

This one made me laugh, so I thought I’d publish it here too. I especially like the point about Jelly Tots, a much underrated confectionary if you ask me!

“what can you get for under £50 these days ?mmmmm…” other than the Moonfruit website builder of course!

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Thursday, January 29 2009

2,000,000th website competition winner!

By Joe on Thursday, January 29 2009, 16:10

  • Build a website
  • Moonfruit
  • Winner

Well, the results are in! We passed the 2,000,000 site mark on Jan 12th 2009, so it was a great start to the year. We then froze the competition at that point and looked back at all the sites that were created from the day the competition started (28 Nov 2008) to create our lucky list. And the winner is….

…wait for it…

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Thursday, January 1 2009

Did We Really Do All That? 2008 – Not a Bad Vintage

By Walt on Thursday, January 1 2009, 00:15

  • AdSense
  • Google maps
  • HTML
  • Moonfruit
  • Resellers
  • SEO
  • Social bookmarking

Wow, what a year it’s been. When we sat down and looked back at what he had done this year we were quite surprised. So we thought we’d give you a summary of all the changes and improvements we made to SiteMaker during 2008, as we’d even forgotten about a few of them ourselves!

Here they are in the order they arrived. My haven’t we been busy…

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Friday, November 28 2008

Help us reach 2,000,000 websites, have a Xmas bonus

By Joe on Friday, November 28 2008, 16:53

  • Build a website
  • Competition
  • Create a website
  • Website builder

Who’d have thought it but we’re rapidly approaching 2,000,000 websites built using SiteMaker. We are of course very proud of this achievement and it goes to show how many people have been touched by Moonfruit SiteMaker and how many customers have been able to create a website beyond their expectations using our award winning website builder. But enough about us, this is about you. You’re the ones building the sites, so we wanted to give something back, like a Xmas bonus…

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Tuesday, November 11 2008

Moonfruit Resellers – a case study

By Joe on Tuesday, November 11 2008, 13:03

  • Build a website
  • Resellers
  • Web designers

More and more people are making a living out of Moonfruit as professional web designers. Once people discover how easy it is to do, they realise that they can do it, not just for themselves, but for others also. And they can make money ;-). So we thought we’d give you a bit more information on what life is like as a Moonfruit Reseller.

Alistair at SDDesigns joined Moonfruit in June 2006 and has been designing sites ever since with clients in the UK, US and Portugal. He was kind enough to answer a few questions for us…

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Thursday, January 10 2008

What a year!

By Walt on Thursday, January 10 2008, 10:15

2007 was quite a big year for SiteMaker, as far as features, fixes and new widgets flying off the shelves were concerned. The highlights have been:

  • New features and widgets – Google site search, comments widget, mail to a friend, copy & paste, new forum, themeable technology across several widgets, multiple select, a lot more new media, new advanced (fully configurable) form
  • Improved features – More disk space, more templates, page permissions and ordering, enhanced tables, rebuilt chat widget, FAQ search, text formatting
  • SEO – Published HTML now W3C compliant, Google Webmaster tools (Verify), auto-generation of a sitemap file

Below you will find our 2007 release dates with a more detailed list of the main components for each of those releases:

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Thursday, November 22 2007

Missing Forum on – back now

By Walt on Thursday, November 22 2007, 10:54

It’s back now! Thanks. — We are currently doing some work on the Moonfruit Forum so it will be out of action for a short while. This is unrelated to the scheduled maintenance we had earlier this morning. But worry not, we will have a forum back online very soon.


Wednesday, October 10 2007

Ooooo the good stuff is nearly there…

By Joe on Wednesday, October 10 2007, 16:38

I’ve been testing the new forum and multiple select features, and I must say, I’m pretty excited. The forum is going to be a really powerful new tool, and will finally allow you to manage large discussions and deep content message boards on SiteMaker. And the multiple select, well it just feels right. Much easier to move things around, nudge them, drag them, delete them and copy and paste them between pages.

Should be with you in 2 weeks or so. Nice.


Wednesday, September 19 2007 launches extension

By Joe on Wednesday, September 19 2007, 11:03 (Moonfruit’s sister company in France) has launched the extension, which is great for many Moonfruit customers who come from the UK. And don’t worry if you’re not from the UK, Gandi offers .com’s, .net’s, .eu’s, and a lot more besides. Because Gandi is Moonfruit’s sister company they are used to working with Moonfruit customers and can set up your domain to work with your Moonfruit site quickly and easily. Go on, have a go!


Monday, April 16 2007

Nice weather we’re having!

By Joe on Monday, April 16 2007, 17:13

I’ve just got back from holiday in Cornwall. Apparently the warmest Easter weekend since 1985! Well worth it. Been anywhere nice recently?

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Wednesday, January 3 2007

Nice weather we’re having!

By Joe on Monday, April 16 2007, 17:13

I’ve just got back from holiday in Cornwall. Apparently the warmest Easter weekend since 1985! Well worth it. Been anywhere nice recently?

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Wednesday, January 3 2007

Happy New Year!!

By Joe on Wednesday, January 3 2007, 16:56

So it’s 2007, and we’re all back at work looking forward to the challenges this year will bring. We’ve got a few things were working on for the first part of 2007, like a new shopping cart, and better domain name integration, but what would you like to see this year? What should 2007 bring for Moonfruit and it’s customers. Let us know, and we’ll see what we can do.


Monday, November 13 2006

What is Moonfruit and what do we stand for?

By Joe on Monday, November 13 2006, 13:26

Moonfruit believes that everyone should be able to participate on the web, being a creator as well as a consumer. The original vision for the company when it was founded back in 1999 was to allow people to ‘share their passions online’. A lot has happened since then, but this is still key to our vision. We aim to remove the barriers to technology and enable people to achieve results beyond their expectations quickly and easily.

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What’s new at Moonfruit?

By Joe on Monday, November 13 2006, 13:24

At the end of last year, the management team of Moonfruit and a partner in France set up a new company with the aim of creating a new European internet group. This put Moonfruit in the UK together with Gandi in France ( – a top seller of domain names in France with over 500,000 domains) and created the opportunity to produce something larger than either of them.

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