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Moonfruit history

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Tuesday, June 30 2009

Celebrate 10 years of Moonfruit and win a MacBook Pro

By Joe on Tuesday, June 30 2009, 14:47

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  • Macbook
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  • Website builder

To celebrate Moonfruit’s 10th birthday we are giving away 10 new Macbook Pro’s, one each day for 10 days! If you’ve never seen one of these in real life, they are just as svelte and beautifully crafted as they look in the pictures, we can’t keep our hands off them! (I’m using on now, but not one of the competition ones obviously 😉 )

Check the full details of the competition at and follow us @moontweet to find out who the winners are each day.

We wouldn’t be here today without all you wonderful people building websites with us and allowing us to support you in your online adventures. So a special thanks to the 2m+ of you who’ve built a site with us!

Happy tweeting!


Tuesday, November 18 2008

Crunchy times – how are you?

By Joe on Tuesday, November 18 2008, 17:10

  • Credit crunch
  • Trading online

There’s been lots of talk of impending global doom and recession following the financial crisis in the developed world, but what does it all mean for you? I think as consumers we’re starting to ‘feel’ the impact a bit more with sales decline, job losses etc., starting to affect more people. In the UK the Federation of Small Businesses has suggested we “use the internet to increase sales during the downturn”, which we’re seeing in our results as more and more people are buying sites with Moonfruit to start trading online.

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Saturday, November 1 2008

Meet the Moonfruiters

By Joe on Saturday, November 1 2008, 16:44

It’s been over 2 years since we moved into our new office, which we’re already growing out of, but we thought it might be nice to share a little more about the Moonfruit team and what we get up to day to day.

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Tuesday, January 9 2007

Moonfruit History IV – Mar to Jun 2000

By Joe on Tuesday, January 9 2007, 10:33

What do you do when you’ve launched a new product in the dizzy dotcom days? The answer is simple – Advertise! If you remember the conventional wisdom of dotcom times, it was 1. Build something, 2. Raise money, 3. Advertise the hell out of it, 4. Grab as many customers as possible, 5. Sell or float the company, 6. Retire and write a smug book about your experiences. We were entering stage 3 and starting to ramp up the spend. Little did we know we’d never get to write the book…

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Thursday, November 30 2006

Moonfruit history – chapter III – Jan 2000

By Joe on Thursday, November 30 2006, 16:42

So, there we were, trying to close our £5m investment round, running out of money fast, and just having launched the first version of Moonfruit (not even called SiteMaker at that point).

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Monday, November 13 2006

Moonfruit history lesson – chapter II – 2000

By Joe on Monday, November 13 2006, 13:22

How do you raise £1m? Good question. The answer to which was not to raise £1m, but instead to raise £5m, as we were told at the time by another internet entrepreneur. Apparently this was much easier. A good .com business plan needed ambition, and ambition required cash, so in a way if your plan lacked ambition you wouldn’t get the cash, so £5m it was.

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Moonfruit history – chapter I – 1999/2000

By Joe on Monday, November 13 2006, 13:19

What the hell is a Moonfruit anyway? Good question. Apparently it is a kind of Jurassic fauna (you know a flower from around the same time as the dinosaurs), but we didn’t find that out until sometime in late 2000 when we were at the BBC 2 Internet awards, sitting next to the guys from ‘Walking with Dinosaurs’ and picking up our award for ‘Best online design’.

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