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Transferring your domain to SiteMaker – Lock, Tag and two smoking emails
By Walt on Friday, March 20 2009, 17:38 – Technical info – Permalink

Domain name Transfer
Transferring your domain name from your current domain name provider to SiteMaker should be easy. But the process can be as complicated as an East End heist gone wrong in a Guy Ritchie film. And what makes matters worse is that it differs between registries, the organisations who have overall control of the specific TLDs (top level domains) e.g. .com, .uk, .eu, .name, .biz, .info. The registries are the domain wholesalers.

Then there are the registrars, who are the domain retailers, better known as domain name providers who have their own rules of engagement. And still the plot thickens. Add to this tags versus auth codes, automatic domain locking, a small matter of confirmation emails and you have the dark underworld of domain name transfer.

But there is a happy ending! Read on and hopefully we’ll be able to straighten out the twists and turns of the transfer process…

The Main Issues

The Main Issues

So what can delay a domain transfer from being processed? Frankly, lots!

Domain locking – Firstly you cannot transfer a domain if it is locked. Some providers do this automatically so they need to be asked to unlock the domain.
Sixty days – When a domain is first created all registrars block transfer out in the first sixty days. Some registrars also apply this restriction within sixty days of expiry. So you may wish to check 1. what rules your domain name provider (registrar) have around transfers out, and 2. creation and expiry dates.
Wrong Email Address – When you request a domain transfer a confirmation email is sent to the email address you originally registered against your domain name (unless you updated it). This ensures, for legal reasons, that the correct owner of the domain confirms that they have requested the transfer. The trouble is many people change email addresses and forget to update this very important contact point so they don’t get the confirmation email. If the email isn’t replied to or isn’t done exactly as described in the email then the transfer will fail. In the case of our transfer confirmation email it must be replied to with only the transfer code left in the body – but full instructions are given in the email.
Supply the correct ‘TAG’ – A tag is created for each registrar by Nominet (the registry that controls .uk domains). Initiating a .uk transfer requires the domain owner to supply a ‘tag’ to their current domain name provider (registrar). This is what is known as a ‘push’ process so by supplying your current provider with the tag e.g. ‘GANDI’, your domain will be ‘pushed’ towards the new domain name provider, in this case us. If this tag is not supplied or it is incorrect then the ‘push’ will not be initiated and the transfer will fail, so just remember to supply your current provider with the tag ‘GANDI’.
Getting an ‘Auth’ code – The bulk of the other domain transfers, e.g. .com, .net, .biz, .org, use what is known as a ‘pull’ process. Unlike .uk transfers, the owner of the domain must go to their current domain name provider and request an authorisation code or ‘Auth’ code. This is then provided to the receiving provider during the transfer process. Most donating providers put a time limit on the Auth code so if action isn’t taken quickly then the Auth code can expire and the transfer fail. The other bigger trap is transcribing (reading and retyping) the Auth code. It is not uncommon for users to mistake l (L) and I (i) or 0 (zero) and O (letter o). So the surest way to not make a mistake is to copy and paste where possible.
Contact Details – When setting up the transfer any missing or incorrect address details will cause the transfer to stall. Check that full and accurate address and postcode details are provided and that the phone number format is correct. Also ensure you use exactly the same name you provided to your current provider as any minor difference will delay the process.
Country Restrictions – Finally, some registries (the guys that have overall control of the TLDs) set rules over domain ownership. For example if you wish to own a .eu domain, then you MUST provide an address with the EU. This is more noticeable when buying a domain but some domain owners move countries and this may cause a transfer to fail.
Transferring .uk Domains

Want to know how to make your .uk domain transfer flow smoothly? Just follow the steps below:

Email access – also check with your current provider what email address is registered against your domain. If necessary, change it.
Tag – supply your current domain name provider with the new tag, ‘GANDI’
Contact Details – ensure that the contact details you provide in our domains module match those held by your current provider
Email action – Once you receive the confirmation email from Gandi you must take action – reply to the email, in plain text, changing only the body of the email i.e. removing everything in the email body except the transfer code (code…/ACCEPT)
Have patience – Transfers can sometimes take days, sometimes weeks. This often depends on how quickly you respond, the accuracy of your tag or contact details and how quick your current provider take action to release your domain from their service. While this is the Internet, the process is not instant!
Transferring Other Domains e.g. .com, .net, .org

To ensure a pain free transfer of your .com (or .net, .org, .name, etc etc) please just follow the steps below:

Unlock – check with your current provider that the domain is unlocked and available for transfer
Email access – also check with your current provider what email address is registered against your domain. If necessary, change it.
Auth Code – request an Auth code (authorisation code) from your current domain name provider. You must get this before starting the process as you will be asked for this during the transfer process. And try to copy and paste it to ensure there are no ‘typos’
Contact Details – ensure that the contact details you provide in our domains module match those held by your current provider
Email action – Once you receive the confirmation email from Gandi you must take action – reply to the email, in plain text, changing only the body of the email i.e. removing everything in the email body except the transfer code (code…/ACCEPT)
Have patience – Transfers can sometimes take days, sometimes weeks. This often depends on how quickly you respond, the accuracy of your Auth code and contact details and how quick your current provider takes action to release your domain from their service. While this is the Internet, this process is not instant!
What about my emails?

If you value your emails and wish to transfer your domain name into us you should be aware of a few things:

If you use webmail then your emails will be stored on your current domain name provider’s mail servers. If you transfer your domain across to us then you will lose ALL your emails as they will remain, and no doubt be deleted from, the mail servers of your current provider. If this is important to you then please see the next point.
If you use an email client e.g. Outlook, (Mac) Mail, Thunderbird, then you will need to store copies of your emails locally (on your computer) to ensure you save copies. Most email clients will provide an option to do this. Make sure you save copies of your emails before you initiate the transfer to ensure you have full access to your mail while you still have access.
If you wish to set up a client so that you can save copies of your emails then please refer to our article on this subject: Getting Connected: Setting up your email client
Jargon Buster

Registries: The controlling organisations which include three of the main registries: Nominet, who control .uk domains; Verisign who control .com and .net; Public Interest Registry, who control .org.

Registrars: Your domain name provider.

Auth Code: Authorisation Code, supplied by your current domain name provider (registrar) to transfer your .com, .net, .org, .biz, .mobi etc. This must be supplied to your new domain name provider so that they can request or ‘pull’ the domain across. This is usually a string of letters, numbers of combination of both, and often in mixed upper lower case letters.

Tag: A “TAG” is a handle or label specific to each registrar. This is only important when you wish to transfer a .uk domain. It is usually obtained from your new or receiving domain name provider (registrar) . It must be supplied to your existing or donating provider so that they can release or ‘push’ your domain over to the new provider. It usually consists of your new provider’s name, so when transferring a .uk domain to us you would use our domain partner’s name: GANDI

Locking: A lock placed on your domain by your current provider to stop it being transferred. Some providers automatically lock it, so you must request it to be unlocked for the transfer to take place.

Confirmation email: You will be sent an email asking you to confirm that you requested the domain name transfer. Two key points: 1. It will be sent to the email address you currently have registered against that domain e.g. when you first set it up, and 2. you must follow the ‘acceptance’ instructions in the email exactly for your confirmation to be accepted. This email generally requires a response within 5 days.

60 day rule: This is the minimum period of time required between the original domain creation date and the time after which transfers are permitted. This delay does apply to all registrars.

Patience: A quality required in ample amounts when transferring. It usually takes between one and six weeks for a transfer to complete although it has been known to take as little as a few days. If domains are locked, auth codes are wrong (or tags not supplied), emails aren’t answered then it could take six weeks (worst case).


  1. On Thursday, March 26 2009, 08:38 by Nikson
  2. On Thursday, March 26 2009, 11:09 by Joe
    Hi Nikson,

We talk about this quite a lot. We’re doing upgrades to the membership tools first, which are still in development. This is required to set the stage for people who want to create accounts on shops, as this is a type of member. Membership will come first in a month or so, and then we’ll pick up the ecommerce project again. Once we do that we’ll be able to give you a better idea of delivery date. Thanks,


  1. On Friday, March 27 2009, 18:27 by jeff
    just transferred hosting form 123 reg. my site has gone down?
  2. On Tuesday, March 31 2009, 12:14 by Walt
    Hi Jeff,

Your website and all associated domain names appear to be working fine and have not registered any errors on our logs.


  1. On Wednesday, April 1 2009, 17:42 by Airia
    Just transferred my domain in from Freeola, you’ve emailed me to say it has been a success, but now my site is down. HELP!!!!!
  2. On Friday, April 3 2009, 13:39 by Walt
    Hi Airia,

Your website,, is up and running as expected. And so is your domain name

If you received a ‘Success’ email then your transfer should have completed, be up and running and encountered no issues.

It may have been that ‘no-mans’ land during which your domain has left your old provider and is yet to be completed with us, which does happen, but I’m surprised you got the email if was yet to complete.

The key thing is that from what we can see, both your site and domain is working correctly now.


  1. On Monday, April 6 2009, 07:30 by Andy
    I transferred my domain to moonfruit from easily Saturday morning and now can’t access my website. I received an email within ten minutes saying it had been successfully transferred in but it evidently hasn’t. Bit worried that I haven’t received an email from GANDI like this blog posts said should happen
  2. On Monday, April 6 2009, 10:29 by Walt
    Hi Andy,

Your domain is working fine for and I’m curious that you say you received a confirmation email but not from Gandi? Could you provide more details please?

The transfer isn’t complete until the receiving provider completes. Normally this should be a seamless operation that happens without interruption but transferring domains is be far one of the most potentially problematic operations on the web. This is largely due to it involving two separate providers, with the donor pass a domain name, the receiver checking ownership/authority, and then modifying names servers and records – all at the same time.

The bottom line is your domain is working as expected.

  1. On Wednesday, April 8 2009, 17:56 by Studiomonkey
    im trying to purchase an extra domain name, when i search for it on moonfruit its says its unavailable, but when i try on other domain reg sites its available, please help
  2. On Thursday, April 9 2009, 09:46 by Walt

Could you give us the domain you’re after so we can check please.


  1. On Thursday, April 9 2009, 19:59 by Studiomonkey
    All Sorted now, must of been a glitch somewhere , but thanks for coming back so quickly.
  2. On Thursday, April 9 2009, 23:01 by Ruben
    I need assistance in transferring a domain name from my ownership to someone else— I have wriiten numerous e-mails to moonfruit and no one replies —- Can someone please tell me how to do this or contact me — I have bought several domains through moonfruit and I am seriously considering closing all of my sites, accounts and moonfruit membership as I can never get anyone at moonfruit to respond.
  3. On Monday, April 13 2009, 18:18 by Walt
    Hi Ruben,

I’ve searched our Support System for the email address you gave and could find tickets/emails having been sent. If you did contact us through the support form, you would have received an automated response with a ticket number in the Subject line. Could you please just reply with those ticket numbers and we should be able to find your ticket. You may have sent it in under an alternate email, although we do reply to every ticket we receive. Some times it does take a littel longer than the 24 hours we quote if we are exceptionally busy, but we do aim, and succeed, in responding to all logged tickets.

Anyway, let us know the ticket numbers and we will be able to look up you queries and assist with your domain.


  1. On Wednesday, April 15 2009, 18:27 by Adam
    I am the opposite, I want to transfer my domain bought through Moonfruit to another Registrar but you have not replied to my emails and will not help. As I bought and Paid for the domain I would have thought I can change it if I wanted to??
  2. On Thursday, April 16 2009, 12:41 by Walt
    Hi Adam,

We did reply to your email. Though checking your account, you didn’t actually pay for the domain you used a voucher we provided. That said we are happy to release the domain to you as already described in the email.


  1. On Monday, April 20 2009, 16:50 by Jonathan
    Similar thing-transferred to you. Got confirmation email from Gandi, but domain can’t be found ‘can’t find the server’.


  1. On Saturday, April 25 2009, 10:06 by Andrew (design32)
    Hi Walt
    have been reading up on this and have to say transferring or moving a domain can be quite stressful and frustrating too,reason being i have owned this domain since 2004 which i used for one of my websites not with moonfruit but with another webhost taking into account three registry changes as my domain was originally registered in the united states as a standalone ( no attached website) .As the story goes i wanted this to be added on to my business

So set upon getting it transferred from eNom and on to my previous webhost which in a sense was fairly successful until my business hit an unfortunate standstill which left me without a website followed by a domain ( designrainbow) which couldn’t be accessed well so i thought. Having made a discovery i realised then i could actually get this released and move it back to its original registry, the next step was to get a website.

Which brings me to Moonfruit and the decision to transfer over to it
have just got my registrar to agree to unlock my domain due to experiencing various problems in pointing to the website i have with moonfruit
no search engine like google will pick it up if you use www instead of http://
i did use via my registrar and whois confirms is pointing to this address. But under site management in my moonfruit control panel

where it allows you to use any domain as you main site address it states the domain has been added but not being recognised until i get my registrar to point this at some thing i am allowed do myself. As the situation lies i will have to pay a transfer fee even though my domain is held for another year with my current registrar don’t really want to buy another domain simply because one won’t work

  1. On Tuesday, April 28 2009, 15:58 by Walt
    Hi Andrew,

Can you clarify what you want to achieve. Transferring is the act of transferring from one provider to another. I can see you haven’t done this with us through your account.

Pointing is simply modifying the DNS A-record so that the domain is pointed to the website location – our IP address. This simple creates a reference for the domain so it always refers to your site. You do not need to unlock your domain to do this, only if you decide to transfer it out to another provider.

By the looks of it your root domain, and the sub domain, are not pointing to our servers. According to they display: A (Record Type) (Bellevue, WA, US)

You may need to go back to your provider and ask them to change the IP address to ours.

As far as I can tell, the domain was renewed through enom on 22 April until 27 Feb 2010 so there is at present no need to pay any transfer fee. It is quite acceptable to keep your domain where it is and simply point it at your website where it should work seamlessly.

If you have any further problems please do contact support and let us know what you’ve found. In a nutshell though, if you have your A-record pointed to it should work fine. You may also want to consider adding the subdomain to your account also. This is just another record that should be simple to add and ensure that you have the www and root domain covered within your account.

All the best.

  1. On Wednesday, April 29 2009, 08:22 by Ruben
    Hi Walt,

In reference to the Comment I posted April 12 and you responded on April 13, that you could not find my ticket — the ticket number is : 200912201000662 —- I also sent an email to Gandi last week and received a response immediately they told me that I need to contact Sitemaker and request that sitemaker/moonfruit release the domain to the person I want it to go to or to myself so that I can initiate or modify the changes that need to be made. This is an extremely important matter it involves a charity organization that needs the domain name and I simply did them the favor of securing it so that I can build a site through Sitemaker/moonfriut — now this has become complicated and it seems that even if anyone buys or uses a voucher to purchase a domain through moonfruit — we have no control over the domain whatsoever- this is not fair and though you seem to want to help me — the support team over at Sitemaker has been avoiding my requests dates as far back as January 3, 2009.

Walt, can you please assist with this ? do you also need the ticket number or confirmation number from Gandi’s response ? if you send me an e-mail- I would be more than happy to forward you the e-mail Gandi sent me.

[email protected] (my email)

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


  1. On Wednesday, April 29 2009, 10:44 by Walt
    Hi Ruben,

I managed to find your ticket against your email address (you missed a few digits in the ticket number but not to worry). We did reply to the two queries you sent with follow up. At the time we replied there were specific processes for dealing with domains, releasing them to the customer and change of ownership.

I’ll clarify the situation when it comes to domain ownership for you and see what I can do to assist.

  1. When you buy a domain you become the legal owner (or lessee) of that domain and your details are listed with the Registry (the organisation responsible for managing a type of domain e.g. .uk, .com, .net).
  2. After you buy a domain you cannot transfer in or out or modify your domain for 60 days – a rule or limitation upheld by the industry and all domain name providers.
  3. If you wish to change owner you can contact the domain name provider, pay a fee and get this legally changed for you.
  4. Many domain name providers retain ownership of the domain, while giving the user a lease on the domain. Gandi does enable full ownership and following the 60 days limitation post purchase or transfer in enables all users to have full access to their domain.

So, what can we do about this? We have now clarified the processes to enable a range of options. In your case, and having checked your account, I can see you have been a long time customer and the 60 day rule no longer applies. Therefore we have no problem with releasing your domains to you so that you can manage them as you see fit. If we release one domain – – then we have release them all.

So we can release your Gandi Handle (user name) to you with all your domains. This means that you would manage your account and domains through You then have many more tools and features and it also gives you the ability to do a change owner request which we cannot process.

If you wish to change owner on the domain you would then need to contact Gandi and request the change. They will and do perform this operation often – but it will incur a small fee.

If you can confirm that you wish your handle released, I will have it done for you today, with login details supplied so can start the change-owner process as soon as you like.

I will open a new ticket for you and confirm the above and if you let me know how you wish to proceed. We will sort this for you.

Thanks for bringing this issue to my attention.



  1. On Friday, May 1 2009, 09:44 by design32 (Andrew)
    Thanks for getting back to me Walt regarding my recent problems in trying to get my domain to point at my website. I read your reply and have now decided to go down the route of doing a transfer which is now going to being handled via Ghandi the process of this went rather smoothly as i had everything at hand to ask my registrar Enom or ( who happen to be the ones managing to unlock my domain, they weren’t able to help me find out why was’nt properly pointing to and kept telling to add it to my host records

As with the zone file haven’t a clue what that is as this is what comdot was mentioning to me after i posted something on the forums about my issues regarding bringing up the subject of getting this to point to
as this was in lock status there was no way i could get my registrar to see if they held the original settings (DNS) at one stage was working perfectly alongside and now it doesn’t

i fully understand the process of transfering a domain like moving it from one provider to the other as once goes over to Ghandi then this would have been my fourth transfer since 2004 something i don’t really want to do as i want to upgrade my package by hopefully going on to the reseller side of moonfruit and hopefully use for that other than that my current website is performing well and has recieved a lot of good feedback too

  1. On Friday, May 1 2009, 11:36 by Walt
    Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the update. I can see the transfer has been requested by you and the confirmation email has been replied to.

A mute point now that you have transferred in your domain is that the actual IP address is not 106.101…as you wrote above. But that doesn’t matter now that you have begun the transfer. The zone file, A-record are the same it just depends on which provider you use. And this would be file or record you change so that your domain ‘points’ to your website. Pointing your domain (that is keeping it with your provider and associating it with your website on another server does not require unlocking. A locked or unlocked domain should have no impact on your provider checking your DNS record. They manage it (or in your case DID manage it) so they would have full access to check. Again a mute point now.

Unlocking your domain is only necessary when transferring out and has nothing to do with pointing. But then it depends on the information that the provider has given.

I mention this only as there can often be confusion about pointing. However once you have transferred your domain in, this will not be an issue. Once it has completed we will ensure that it points to your site and is fully associated with it.

If you do have any further specific queries, I would advise though contacting Support and notifying them so that they can address your questions or issues directly.

Thanks, and good luck with your site.

  1. On Friday, May 1 2009, 13:55 by design32 (Andrew)
    Hi Walt

Just a final update on the progress of what’s happening with my domain seeing as the transfer is going through it is now showing up under manage domains with a status pending. The new provider/registrar for will be Gandi and did the transfer through moonfruit using one of my domain vouchers after i got ENOM/ to unlock it which was done when i

was having all these issues with my website not showing up properly this is still accessible through
As with contacting support i think there is no need to unless something happens after the transfer has gone through so far i have been successful in this field
my main concern it will take up to five days and in the meantime is active but not pointing at my site

  1. On Friday, May 1 2009, 15:06 by Walt
    Hi Andrew,

Until your domain completes there is little we can do about pointing. Only once completion has occurred can the DNS be managed. While it is in transfer we have no control. Hopefully this will not take too long.


  1. On Tuesday, May 5 2009, 11:34 by design32( Andrew)
    Thanks for your email Walt
    and to say the transfer of went through and is now apparently with Gandi this all happened after i got a an email from the moonfruit support team
    but it seems my domain will still not come under my website i;e like when it was supposed to pointing ( from when i was under Enom)
    a whois confirms Gandi as the registrar and all nameservers associated with seem to be ok this is for gandi net

there are also three other dns names coming up under GANDI SAS, i also did a dns report see here… if you do a whois for you will see its registered but with no website
i am also unable to assign this as a site address for my website
something about your domain has been added but does not exsist, that one needs to point this too 146 101 249 107 please also allow up to 72 hours

As you can tell this is what i was trying to get across and at one stage i was able to assign to my free moonfruit address even when i was under Enom the question is what do i do now the transfer has gone through no email has come from Gandi saying that they will now manage designrainbow so i sent two support tickets to them asking what was going on,

in the meantime i am still seriously thinking about going over to the reseller package and using on a commercial basis but how can i when the web address for it keeps bringing a blank page its as if this domain has brought me nothing but problems so i am looking at maybe getting a back up domain name as not to lose any clients/visitors who look at my photography

  1. On Tuesday, May 5 2009, 15:52 by Walt
    Hi Andrew,

Your domain is working fine. It is fully associated with your site. I’ve even added the root domain to your list ( as you only had the listed. I’ve also enabled the latter as your preferred domain but you can easily change this.

Details on this (and the problems around pointing) are supplied in our email reply which you should have already received.


  1. On Tuesday, May 5 2009, 16:00 by design32 (Andrew)
    Thanks Walt
    Just shows how good Moonfruit is
  2. On Friday, May 8 2009, 12:46 by Maurice
    I recently purchased a domain name through moonfruit ( and duly received the confirmation email from Nominet, which also stated that the registrar was Gandi. I am currently building my website with SiteMaker and today I was looking at how to attach my site to my domain name. Apparently I need to get Gandi to ‘point’ my domain name at your servers. Gandi says that my domain is managed by a reseller – namely you, so why can’t you point it at your servers? Now, reading these posts, I find that (unless I’m reading it wrong), I need to transfer (at a cost) my domain name from Gandi to yourselves, but I can’t do anything for 60 days anyway! None of this was made clear when I bought the domain name and I don’t think it was unreasonable of me to assume that, having built a website in Moonfruit and bought a domain name through Moonfruit, I would be able to link the two together!
    I currently have 4 days left on the free trial and, quite honestly, I’m loathe now to purchase a full package from you.
  3. On Friday, May 8 2009, 16:54 by Walt
    Hi Maurice,

Yes the Registrar is Gandi and they are our partner. We provide a very simple association feature that you could have used through your tool bar. I’ve done this for you but for future reference all you needed to do was log in and on the tool bar go to Admin > Site Address and add your domains: and

This feature automatically provides the association between the website and domain. Buying through our Moonfruit portal automatically set up your A-record to point to your site, you just needed to complete the 2nd step through your site.

And no you do not and did not need to transfer your domain. When you buy a domain through us, your are in fact buying through Gandi, as they are a registered domain name provider. We are reseller so there is no need to transfer between them and us. Transferring only applies when trying to move your domain hosting between one domain name provider and another. We aren’t a provider, we use Gandi, so a transfer isn’t relevant in this situation – simple adding your domains to your site is enough.

Details are provided on many aspects of domain purchase and transfer within the T&Cs that must be agreed to before you can purchase or transfer a domain and we also provide details in our FAQ.

That said, buying and transfer domains can be complicated and we are still trying to make this more simple. The bottom line is your domain now works with your site.

Kind regards


  1. On Friday, May 8 2009, 19:16 by Maurice
    Thank you for that, Walt.
    I do think you should add those instructions in the FAQ’s though.
  2. On Thursday, July 2 2009, 17:28 by Andy
    I’ve read through these paragraphs and I am still having trouble. I bought my domain name on 123-reg and and trying to transfer it. I’ve emailed them and they have given me all sorts of instructions one of them being I have to fill out a form with nameservers on them and there is no mention of nameservers here. I just want to be able to email them and say can you transfer me and you have to use “gandi” tag but they arnt helping me that way. In idiots language so I can understand… what steps am I actually taking? Has anyone any tips for transferring specifically with 123-reg? I really need help!! Thankyou!
  3. On Thursday, July 2 2009, 17:48 by Walt
    Hi Andy,

Most domain name providers do not require the name servers for the receiving host.
But in our case you can give them the following (primary/secondary):

I assume, as you mention the GANDI tag, that you are trying to transfer a .uk domain. Just make sure your contact details are accurate (especially the post code).

Once they have this and your order has been placed through the moonfruit site, the transfer process should start moving.

Hope that helps.


  1. On Thursday, August 6 2009, 04:08 by Eilleen
    Is it possible to direct my domain (purchased here) to an outside site?
  2. On Thursday, August 6 2009, 08:59 by Walt
    Hi Eilleen,

Sure. Our current interface doesn’t give you full domain management just basic. But we can release your domain and ‘handle’ (account/username) to you so that you can login in to (our domain partner) directly. By doing this you will have full technical management over your domain and it’s associated records e.g. cname, A, MX etc.

Could you contact support please and request this, so that we can track the request and confirm all the details for you. Just use the support form in Help and we should be able to sort this for you fairly quickly.



  1. On Friday, August 7 2009, 20:36 by pick n mix stand hire
    I used 123reg for a couple of domain names in the early years and they charged £18 per year just for a web mail account and the lack of support i got was terrible, keep trying with them you’ll get there in the end i’m sure!
  2. On Wednesday, December 23 2009, 08:37 by Nicole
    Hi There… I am hoping you can help me with this.

I transfered my URL/domain name without a hitch. got the confirmation emails from Gandi and Sitemaker.

Unfortunately the domain is notworking. I have associated it with my account website and i see a message that says i need to point to the correct IP address or something like that.

My transfer was completed successfully. It is my understanding that it should be pointing where it needs to point automatically. please HELP!


  1. On Saturday, December 26 2009, 15:58 by Walt
    Hi Nicole,

The transfer was successful but you only included the root domain, which you assigned correctly. You didn’t add the version. I’ve also set that as the preferred domain so that will be the one that all addresses end up on.

But I’ve now done this for you and you shouldn’t have any more problems.



  1. On Wednesday, February 3 2010, 04:53 by sal
    Hi, I have registered my site with moonfruit and now I have built my site a different site maker. The other site provider provided me with server names to link to my current domain. I’m unable to change server addresses on moonfruit to my files to my domain.

If this cann’t be done how can I transfer my domain name?

  1. On Wednesday, February 3 2010, 10:51 by Walt
    Hi Sal,

Your domain and handle have been ‘released’ from our reseller account. You will have received an email from with how to gain access to your Gandi account. This means that you will have full access to your DNS, zone files and more – something we are looking to introduce this year once Gandi has finished work on their new system.

But for the minute, you will be able to point your domain to where ever you like.

Hope that helps.


  1. On Tuesday, February 9 2010, 12:58 by SJM
    I’m forced to put my comment on this thread. I cannot find any information on how to transfer away from Moonfruit. I’m aware that the domain needs to be unlocked and the DNS needs to be updated to point to our new hosting company; however, I cannot get any clear information on how to do this. And nothing in the control panel or help files is helpful in this regard.

Please provide us with the correct method for transfering our site to our new host.

Thank you.

  1. On Tuesday, February 9 2010, 15:53 by Walt
    Hi Shawn,

Yes it is an oversight on our part as the process to transfer out requires some back-end administration. The interface we currently use with our domain partner is currently undergoing an upgrade so we hope to have a lot more features available to customers in the future with regards domain management.

If you wish to transfer out any domains simply contact support and give them domain details. How the process works at present is this.

  1. Your request a domain to be transferred out.
  2. We currently would have to release all domains (you own) under our control to you, which means you log in to (Gandi is our domain partner) and not Moonfruit
  3. Once you log in to Gandi you can locate the domain or domains and use the interface to transfer out very simply and very quickly

So, simply contact support and request a transfer out and we’ll release all your domains immediately.

Hope that helps.


  1. On Monday, February 15 2010, 18:23 by Jack

I’ve tried to transfer my domain name to attach it to my moonfruit site. I’ve updated the A name on the previous server and sitemaker has transfered it in but still says I need to change the A name.

Any advice?


  1. On Wednesday, February 17 2010, 10:32 by Leo
    Hi, quick question about a domain name.

If I had a paid site with domains registered through moonfruit, could I cancel my paid package and go for a free package, but still use my domains (that i purchased through moonfruit) with my free site?

I look forward to your reply


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